Tomb Raider Online Pokie Review


With the huge hype around the Tomb Raider video game, there’s bound to be an equal rise in popularity of the Slot equivalent of the multi-billion franchise. It’s like having a ready-made fan base. The Slot game is truly impressive, from the easy-to-follow interface, sleek graphics and excellent sound effects.  As it turns out, even the Slots go in for game sequels: Microgaming applied their award-winning game-creation wizardry to create an even better version of the game in the form of Tomb Raider II. Visit online casinos for australian players and make extra money online.

The Tomb Raider Slots perfectly capture the excitement and adventure that is part and parcel of the franchise – players get to enjoy five reels and fifteen paylines, full of Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins and Bonus Rounds… get ready for the best online gambling experience!

The symbols include a head-shot of Lara Croft herself (this is the Scatter symbol), as well as tomb rooms, tigers golden idols and tomb maps – which will certainly help you get into the spirit of the game. The game offers many possible ways to win, but the most sure-fire strategy is to increase your wager for every spin.

For new players, there is a free-play option which lets them grow more familiar with the game before they wager real money. There it also an excellent jackpot on offer. So if you’re wondering what Slot to try, this is a pretty good choice! There is certainly plenty of excitement to be had.



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Playing Poker on your Mobile

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How the Labouchere Strategy Works

How the Labouchere Strategy Works

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Roulette Systems

Roulette Systems

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Forsaken Kingdom at Crazy Vegas

Forsaken Kingdom at Crazy Vegas

Crazy Vegas has a new game—and it’s an innovative, memorable slot likely to bring back old memories. Forsaken Kingdom has come to Crazy Vegas, and it’s presence across the game boards, social media and other resources has perked old attentions.

Into the Forsaken Kingdom

Great features, Free Spins and the game’s rosy Eternal Love inclusion defines its Guinevere Stacked Wild feature. The game’s Epic Battle Bonus makes winning the Excalibur symbol fun, and the game’s well-defined architecture and flawless system mechanics provide memorable gameplay.

Crazy Vegas, itself, contains a variety of classics, and Forsaken Kingdom definitely fills the gap sought by many gaming consumers. An Australian-based software, Forsaken Kingdom’s has been well-regarded on other popular gaming sites, too. The Round Table of Fortunes meshes the twelve knights of Camelot, an accrued wealth eloquently scales to each seated knight.

Accessible to New and Old Players

While new players are always welcome, experienced gamers will absolutely find a home within Forsaken Kingdom’s enhanced interface and intensive Black Knight battles. The game’s realistic lighting and sounds deliver a fetching atmosphere, and each video slot round earns player credits capable of triggering winning rounds for bonus games.

When all 12 knights are collected, players are shot into the Wheel of Fortune—wherein up to 50 times of bonus winnings may be obtained. The game’s max jackpot is worth a hefty 20,000 coins, and gamers can trigger five swords per spin. Where hard-hitting, action-packed and decadent games exist, Crazy Vegas delivers.

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